Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silly wishes and Garbage TV

I love when you wish for something and it comes true…

Okay so it may be a silly wish but last week I hoped and prayed that Hobby Lobby this fantastic craft store around the corner from our home would have a 50% off sale on their scrapbooking section. And to my pleasure they DID! So I headed on over and shopped to my little heart’s content and managed to rack up a bill of over 100 dollars. But before you gasp with a displeased sigh let me inform you that this amount of money bought me 12 albums, 3 packs of paper, 8 packs of page refills, and 10 packs of assorted stickers…..Yes I am a thrifty shopper and not even a snowy blizzard could keep me from getting to that sale!!! LOL!

So you may be wondering why the heck I would need that much scrapbook stuff? Well Zack and I have an extensive collection of autographed photos. Our collection includes over 600 autographed photos which include; Johnny Depp, Robert DeNiro, Michael Jordan, Mark McGwire, Willie Mays, Denzel Washington, Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Faye Dunaway, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson, Geroge Clooney, and we even have Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I could go on but I won’t because you get the point! All of these autographs have shamefully been stored in a file box and hidden in a closet. I wanted to create albums of the photos so that they can be better appreciated. So that is currently what I’m working on.

On another note…..

I disgracefully must admit that I have been watching “Toddlers and Tiaras”…..I know…..I know…. I really didn’t want to admit that! Don’t worry I have no desire to become a pageant mom but what I do want to say about the show is…..WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! It’s truly disturbing that these mothers must parade their daughters in princess outfits, makeup, false teeth, fake tans, fake hair, manicured hands and toes, SWIMSUITS, and top it off with stripper dance moves across a stage in front of creepy judges who have done nothing to qualify them as beauty experts on 4 year olds!!!!!! I’m in total disgust especially when a male judge admits to the camera that he was working in an office supply store and a woman came in and said, “You look like a nice professional person would you like to come be a judge for us at a children's beauty pageant?” I can’t decide what’s creepier the fact that they asked a random guy to be a judge or the fact that he accepted!!! Then there’s the mom who adopted a little girl from China and forces her to participate in these ridiculous pageants just so that this mom can parade around beside her. This mother has a stripper pole in her home and performs in front of her own mother as well as her daughter. She actually threatened to take away her daughters favorite toys if she performed poorly!!! This is sick!

Sorry I had to vent…..I don’t know why I watch……it’s so bad you just can’t look away!!!


  1. Wow! You are a thrifty shopper. We would have so much fun shopping together! Too bad you are far away now :*( I didn't realize you collected autographs. How did you get them all? Simon Pegg sent one for my sister and I when our brother, Brian passed. Brian was a huge film/tv fan, working for the Seattle International Film Festival and even wrote his own screenplay. He had a lot of autographed pictures and an extensive laser disk collection. My photo reads... Hillary, May you always smile while remembering The Life of Brian... -Simon Pegg
    I heart Simon Pegg! I have to sadly admit, along with you, that I watched "Little Miss Perfect". I think it is a similar show. I became creeped out when the guy started singing "The little Miss Perfect Pageant where all your dreams come true, Little Miss Perfect Pageant where the special one is YOU. If you want it and you dream's the start...just feel it in your heart" Gag! Like it is the girls dreams. More like the mama's dream. It does not seem right for these babies to be so glammed up, not to mention the money the parents drop on it all. They should put it in a 529 plan ;)

  2. Hillary,

    What a neat autograph from Simon Pegg and a great memento for you to remember your brother. I had no idea he was really into film. Zack and I loved going to SIFF when we lived in Seattle. We are both film geeks. Zack likes to write screenplays too. Shaun of the Dead is like are favorite movie so we have several Simon Pegg autopgraphs; he seems like a pretty cool guy.

    As for our collection.....Some were signed in person at various film screenings and the rest were obtained through the mail. Usually the only time you can successfully get celebrity autographs is when you send letters at film locations. They tend to keep film locations very secretive but we are members of the Hollywood Reporter and you can find location addresses through them. Most celebs are looking for things to do during their off time while hanging out in the their trailers and considering they hardly get requests sent to film locations they are glad to respond quickly. It was a pretty serious hobby for us for about 3 years but we never send requests anymore. It can get really expensive because when you send to film locations the celebs don't have photos on hand so you have to send a photo plus a stamped envelope for them to return it in. Some envelopes by the time you pay postage cost more than $3 a piece; especially when you send over seas.

    Ooops I'm chatting too much.... LOL

    I know too bad I don't live there so we could hang out and do some shopping. Especially now since I'm a stay at home wife with too much time on my hands. LOL.

  3. OOoh! Toddlers and Tiaras is totally like watching a car wreck... I just shake my head and thank goodness that pageants aren't a "thing" around here.



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