Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BBT Confusion!!

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So I have been charting my BBT and I’m getting really frustrated and confused. I don’t really know what I should be seeing, but I think my temps are wacky. I started charting on January 25th, which was a few days before AF. My temp bounced up and down during AF. Then on the day AF ended it dropped from 97.1 to 96.1 which is insane! Then it only continued to bounce up and down. If you look at my chart below you can see for yourself. Even today’s temp has a significant drop! I’m confused because I started testing with OPKs on CD8 and have yet to see a BFP. So now it’s CD20 and I have been having all the signs that O is approaching for the past few days; EWCM, sore breasts, cramping, some slight bloating, but I cannot seem to get a BFP on my OPK!!! I’m going CRAZY!!! If my temp doesn’t increase and I’m not getting a positive OPK then why the heck do I see these other symptoms?!?!?!?!?



  1. Trish,

    It looks like your temp dip was at day 7. You had the fall and then the sharp rise, perhaps your OPK missed the surge, as that could have happened if you started testing on day 8. Don't get too worked up about this, as OPK's are not always perfect.

    I always test with my Clear Blue Monitor (it tells me the CD to start tesing on) and then use the digital sticks for back up. As you know I'm a fan of the digital sticks :)

    Look up the sperm meets egg plan :)

    Don't get discouraged...hang in there.

    ps Are you using fertility friend to chart?

  2. Ugh -- I hated temping. It's not even worth trying right now as I rarely sleep in long enough stretches for it to be accurate.

    Hang in there!

  3. Andrea: I might try the digital OPKs next cycle if we don't conceive this time around. And yes, I'm using fertility friend to chart. But they don't have a prediction for O because of the m/c and my extra long cycle this time around.

    SoupMama: I'm not really sold on this temping thing either. I'm just trying it out for now.....but I'm not sure how long I'll keep going it doesn't really make sense to me......



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