Monday, March 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away........


Where did my sunny weather go??

We are stuck in a rainy rut. I hope it passes quickly because I’m dying to get outside. Hubby and I had a fantastic weekend of bargain hunting like we always do and stumbled on some great finds……

1. A cute wooden patio table set complete with chairs and an umbrella for a grand total of $50. I’m dying to set it up and put it to good use as soon as the sun greets us.

2. A small set of casual dinnerware that we picked up at Ikea for $15.

3. A beautiful new tablecloth for $5, found in the “As- Is” bin at Ikea originally $25, turns out it just needed to be washed.

4. A 19’’ LCD TV for the guestroom for $97, thank you my favorite place to shop

5. A 10x10 EZ-Up Sun shelter for $29 found on the clearance rack un-marked and no barcode. I negotiated the price with an associate at Meijer and ended up walking out with 3 of them for that price. We have been looking to buy one for our trip to Bonnaroo this June and they were all priced +$90 for one.

6. A cute pair of boots from the Cincinnati Outlet Mall for $10 originally $94.

7. A flag pole for the front yard and a flag to go with it for $8 found at Kohls.

8. A beautiful hanging planter for the front deck for $3


On top of all of this shop till you drop business, the hubby and I have been having lots of fun here at home. We busted out the the Wii games and challenged each other to an assortment of games; Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, and Golf. I forgot how fun it was to play on our little Wii, but my arm was quickly reminded how sore you can get from swinging that controller around. LOL

Tomorrow I’m prepared to do some spring cleaning and lots and lots of laundry is calling my name as well.

On the TTC journey, we are enjoying are relaxed approach to this cycle. We’re prepared for whatever the outcome is whether it be BFP or BFN.

If you are stopping by for ICLW, I thank you for your comments and you can find out more here and here.


  1. how fun!
    I need to take you shopping with me!

    ICLW #151

  2. Ok Patrish, I think I want to go shopping with you. What great deals! I found our silverware at IKEA too and love it. I just LOVE all things IKEA.

  3. so are your flagpole and flag american or one of those decorative flaggy things?

    sounds like you had a great weekend! hope the week only gets better :o)

  4. Good work, you really are a bargain hunter! I'm impressed. And hubby and I love Wii!! Do you have Wii Sports Resort, it's the best. I love the kayaking. We got ours for xmas and kinda let it fizzle out, I think its time we broke it out again!!

  5. Great deals! I love Amazon too!


  6. WOW! GREAT SHOPPING! I also love great deals!!!

  7. Oh I love finding deals too and challenging my DH on the Wii! How fun!

  8. Sounds like you and DH may be having to much fun!!! Just kidding there is no such thing!

    I love finding deals but usually is not patient enough to find them!

    Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  9. Wow!! So impressive, this is totally my kind of shopping! I wish we had an IKEA closer, the closest one is over 2 hours away. Either way, congrats on the fabulous deals!



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