Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Time has really flown by since I started not trying to track my cycle. It has been extremely relaxing to not have to continuously worry about temping and POAS. I can’t describe how wonderful I feel. I have been keeping busy around the house and started all kinds of new projects that will keep me occupied for a while. I cleaned the garage and organized all of our tools and reconfigured the garage layout. I also purchased two fabulous cookbooks; actually they are textbooks on French Culinary Techniques. They are amazing and I plan to work through each page testing out the techniques and hopefully picking up a few good recipes along the way. I’m sure there will be a few disasters but that’s all part of the learning process. I was so excited when they arrived and I immediately flipped through the books (which was not easy because they are both over 500 pages) and came up with a shopping list of the tools and supplies I’ll need to get started. Luckily I’m already a decent cook so many of the tools I already had but now I can focus on sharpening up my skills.

I’m also working on finding art pieces for our living room. Most of our house is decorated with art, painted walls and such but I just never could decide how I wanted to do the living room. But now I have an idea and I’m on the hunt for the pieces of furniture and art to compliment the space.

I’m also thinking about breaking out the sewing machine again. I’m an amateur at best, and I would really love to learn more. I think I might stop by Barnes and Noble and pick up a few books to help get me started. Maybe I can finally learn how to sew using an actual pattern. I usually just randomly start stitching and some how I’ve managed but I really want to learn how to do some more detailed projects.

Another project I have been working on is putting together my gift for my Secret Pal. I finished it and sent it through the mail yesterday. I hope it makes it to her safely........I signed up for this project on Wistful Girls Blog. Check it out and maybe you’ll want to get a Secret Pal of your own.

And of course I have been really sticking to working out. I haven’t weighed myself so I have no idea if I’m actually losing any weight which is obviously the goal but I feel great and my energy level has shot up. I usually do 45 minutes of hard cardio aerobics in the morning and then in the evening while watching tv with my hubby we both hop on the good old exercise bikes. On average I ride them for 20 miles per day. But yesterday I watched two movies and biked the whole way through so I actually rode 49 miles. The only downside is my bum hurts so bad and feels like it’s bruised. I joked with hubby and said I need one of those doughnut cushions for my tushy!

The warm sunny weather has really kept me motivated. I love waking up to the bright sun shining through the windows. It makes me smile and comforts me to know that today is a beautiful day and worth getting up for. Since Last week we have been working on training our dog. She is so smart and I can’t believe how quickly she is learning. We have a meeting with the trainer today and I hope it goes as smooth as it went last week. Hopefully Roxy remembers the trainer and can just pick up right where we left off.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day….Don’t forget your GREEN!


  1. i felt the same way you did when i took a TTC break it was so refreshing! i think we need to regroup from time to time.

    good luck with your puppy training :)

  2. I'm on my break too, and it feels so wonderful to have a normal life again. I mean of course getting preggers is still in the back of my mind, but not having appts or bloodwork, or worrying about when we should be bding, and just enjoying ourselves has been fabulous for my soul! So glad you're keeping busy and enjoying this time!!

  3. You have been busy, girl! It's inspiring! I desperately need to clean out our garage. Glad you are enjoying your break and that it is going by quickly.



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