Friday, May 28, 2010

Post Surgery Appointment

Today I went to my post-surgery appointment………..Sitting in the lobby was brutal. It was super crowded today and wouldn’t you know the only open seat was next to a lady with a Big Belly! She had her little 3 year old daughter with her and she was pretending to be mommy’s doctor…..listening to her tummy to hear the heartbeat of her soon to be little brother or sister. I was forcing myself to look away and continue reading this silly Glamour magazine I pulled from the shelf. Oh and wouldn’t you know I came across an article in Glamour of all magazines titled “How to get Pregnant Exactly When You Want”. I tried hard not to giggle and gasp as it informed me to; “eat well” “avoid alcohol” “Give up Smoking”  “Avoid Stress”    HAHAHA if only it was that easy! They didn’t have any tips on how to stay pregnant but maybe that will be in the next issue. LOL

So what’s the verdict?

Well I’m officially no longer pregnant……and by that I mean no pregnancy hormones are existent inside me. I told the doctor that I had some signs that ovulation is about to occur and she said it was totally possible. I guess I’m in shock that my body could snap back so quickly. She explained this to be possible because when they removed the tube and its contents; they removed any presence that a pregnancy occurred and my body went back to normal within a 48 hour time frame. WOW! Just like that huh?

I asked the questions I had been pondering for the past few weeks…….

Me: When can we be intimate?   
DR: Now, but you must use a preventative method.

Me: When can we TTC?    
DR: After 2 cycles have passed

Me: What will my cycles be like now?    
DR: They should still stay relatively the same

Me: How difficult will it be to conceive?    
DR: It’s hard to say, it may take time…..but your young so don’t worry it will happen. (I hate when people say that)

Me: What is the function of my left ovary now that the tube is gone?
DR: It will still continue to perform its normal functions and the removal of your tube will not cause you to go into early menopause. The future of your fertility will greatly fall to the responsibility of your right ovary and tube. In very rare cases the eggs from one ovary will migrate to the other once a tube has been removed……but I must warn you it will likely not be the case. But like I said your right side is fully capable of conceiving it just may take longer than it would with both sides functioning.

Right now I’m feeling optimistic…….I know it’s possible to conceive and I’m confident it will happen. How long? I have no idea! Hubby and I discussed when we would like to start trying again and we are aiming for starting in September. When we first started our TTC journey it was in September of last year, and soon we will have come full circle, suffered two losses, and gained scars to prove it. I just hope the next part of the journey isn’t as rough. I guess I have the whole summer to relax and take my mind off of TTC, but I’m sure when we reach the start of fall and we’re back in the game my feelings of optimism may change especially depending on the months that pass with only BFN’s to show for it. But that’s in the future and right now I just need to enjoy myself. Enjoy the time that has been given to me to heal and find strength for the next step.


  1. I ma glad your appointment went relatively easy and that your doctor gave you some re-assuring news.
    Sorry about the torture in the waiting room, that sucked for me, too.
    I hope you guys will have a fantastic summer, and that you can heal and re-energize for a great fresh start in September.
    Much love your ways, and know I am here for you!

  2. Sorry about the waiting room at the doctor's office- that seemed to keep happening to me at my follow up appointments. Your words to describe it were perfect- Brutal! I am glad you are feeling optimistic and that the doctor had good news. Here's to a nice relaxing summer:) Make it all about you!

  3. I am glad that the appointment went pretty well, even though the waiting room was pretty painful. I hope that you can enjoy your summer off and enjoy spending time with your husband and taking care of yourself. September will be here before you know it!

  4. It sounds like you got your questions answered, and that soon enough you will be able to BD again. I really hope success comes your way sooner rather than later! (((HUGS)))

  5. I say keep the positive outlook. My midwife had her tube removed because of an ectopic and she had two kids after with little trouble. Also, my cousin has had two kids unplanned after her tube was removed also.

    Good luck to you.

  6. Hang in there with that optimism! Yes, you WILL go on to conceive again and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    I'm going to be so happy to hear how your RE visit goes, as they can do monthly u/s to see which side you ovulate from. Good things are in store for you sweet friend :)

    Sorry about the app't. Mine went pretty much the same. Cute couple sat next to me and decided to share the sex of their baby with the entire world. I was happy for them, but reduced to shreds, or should I say tears, as they fell.

    Journey on and know that I'm cheering for you!




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