Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Going On

So I have a confession………I haven’t had a haircut in almost 2 years! I know …….that’s crazy; BUT, over the weekend I decided to just do it. I chopped off 15 inches! It feels incredible! My hair was getting so long the ends were very damaged and it was hard to maintain. Plus it’s getting hot and humid already and nothing is worse than having hair stick to your face and neck. It’s so nice because the haircut is so low maintenance that it doesn’t ever really get tangled and I don’t even have to style it and it looks good. I’m pretty happy!

My allergies are still killing me and everyday is a battle with the sneezes and seasonal headaches. I hate it! We are also still working on buying a home which has been so horribly frustrating so far. Our offer was accepted by Fannie Mae and they sent over the terms and conditions that we had to agree to. We signed them and our agent faxed them over to the listing agent who represents the home for Fannie and he has been impossible to deal with. First issue is that he added the closing costs and loan amounts wrong and has marked them lower than what they should be. When we pointed this out he said that he doesn’t suggest fudging the numbers with white out because Fannie will think the document has been tampered with. He assured us that they will either fix it or it will go unnoticed which would be a benefit to us. I hope that this doesn’t delay the process and come back to bite us in the ass all because he can’t add and was too lazy to write up a new agreement. Our agent then faxed the documents to him for him to pass along to Fannie Mae. Once Fannie receives these documents they can sign the contract stating that they are selling us the home. We waited……….two days later he says the fax transfer was poor quality and we need to send it again. Our agent offered to hand deliver it to him but he said that wasn’t necessary. So she scanned the documents and emailed them to him as well as faxed. Another two days passes…….He then calls this morning and says the copy is still not acceptable. Our agent begged to meet with him and give him the documents in person but he said he wasn’t sure he was available. I then called our agent and told her that we are getting very frustrated because we have been doing everything that Fannie has asked of us and this guy is delaying the process. On top of all this when Fannie sent over the acceptance letter they stated that we need to have the home inspection completed within 10 days. That makes the deadline this THURSDAY! I set up the home inspection but the fact is that we are responsible for paying for it and it is unacceptable to expect us to pay for an inspection on a home that we don’t have a written contract on yet. We need something in writing rather than the verbal agreement. I told are agent to pass this along to him and then he called back and magically he said, “ I fixed the documents and the quality is fine”. What the heck! Is this guy a complete idiot or what? Today we told the guy that if he can’t show us in writing that the home is ours within 48hrs then we are cancelling the inspection and walking away. We wasted 2 weeks on this home and the deadline to buy a home and qualify for the tax credit is only 11 days away.  UGH!!! So frustrating!! I really hope we hear some good news by Wednesday.

In other news……I have been a horrible TTC’er! I don’t always remember to take my vitamins and I have been drinking caffeine, and my headaches have been so bad that I’ve been taking Excedrin like every day! I know we weren’t really trying this month but man did I fall off the band wagon. I just hope that I can get things back on track next cycle. I will be a fully dedicated TTC’er and I think I might even start taking my temp again every morning. As for now my AF should arrive probably this coming up weekend. Then it’s time to get serious!

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  1. Purchasing a home is so stressful! I am glad the other agent got his act together. GL!!!



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