Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love Jack Johnson!
I can pretty much never get tired of listening to him. But let me set the scene for you on October 21st 2007. It was a drizzling day in Seattle and the fall leaves were in full color. Bright oranges, yellows, and reds. It was around 7 am and I was finishing up my hair and makeup getting ready to slip on my beautiful white dress. YES ! It’s my wedding day………


 Our Wedding day was a long day in the making because Zack and I first met in the 7th grade……….We shared so many childhood memories together and experienced some of our most memorable moments in life together. Hanging out in our classes, same teachers, same friends, after-school clubs, sporting events, parties, Prom, graduation and college. So it was only fitting that after sharing 12 years together that we finally tied the knot.

Zack and I planned to meet each other at 9 am on the campus of the University of Washington with the photographer and our families for formal photos. I was so excited and nervous because I was hoping the rain would not begin to pick up while we were outside and exposed.


We spent an hour getting our photos taken and wouldn’t you know during the last few shots the rain began to pour. It was almost cinematic how our timing could not have been planned better. And now it was time to walk down the aisle with my one true love…….


Our wedding venue was called The Lakeside and located on Lake Union and directly across the lake was a view of the city and all its beautiful buildings. If you’ve ever seen Sleepless in Seattle then you would recognize all the little floating homes perched nearby. Our ceremony was to take place out on the boat dock under a white tent to shelter us from the rain that made a soft muffled pitter patter sound as it fell down on it.

As our guests arrived they were greeted with Seattle coffee……..of course and little pastries too, and as they seated themselves they heard the sweet sounds of Jack Johnson. Songs like;
Better Together
Banana Pancakes
Do You Remember
Bubble Toes

I walked down the aisle beside my Dad…………

And when the ceremony finished Zack and I celebrated and walked down the aisle together to the tune of this song……….


We went on to have a beautiful wedding and I'll always remember how Jack Johnson was a part of our day.
6 months later we went to Hawaii and we got to see the neighborhood he grew up in and the school he attended and wouldn’t you know it that same weekend we were there he was performing in Hawaii. We wanted so desperately to go but unfortunately we were in Hawaii for a wedding and couldn’t break away.

I have spent nearly 3 years waiting for the opportunity to arrive to see him and it’s finally here. He is performing 3 hours north of here this July and tickets go on sale in 2 weeks!!!!!


  1. I LOVE JACK JOHNSON! i was thinking this mornning i need to look up concerts! & We are going in July too, in noblesville! I wonder if we are going to the same concert?!

    Dave Matthews is like my Jack Johnson to you, although i love them both!

  2. I am so glad that you will get to go see him in concert!

    Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  3. Awww, your pictures are gorgeous!! And how fun you finally get to see him in concert, that will be so special!!! Very cool!

  4. Tara, How funny we are going to Noblesville too! I guess we don't live to far from each other. We will see Dave Matthews in June at Bonnarroo in Tenn. We bought VIP tickets to that so I hope it was worth it. We will get to see a whole bunch of other people too. I love music festivals!

    Thanks for all the nice comments ladies......very sweet.

  5. How funny...I love the sounds of Jack Johnson too! You looked gorgeous and your day was amazing!

    BE good to yourself and have a great weekend!

  6. I LOVE your pictures! You made a beautiful bride. Your wedding sounds perfect. I LOVE that I knew my husband since the 9th grade. There is so much that we share together and growing up together is just truly priceless! Thanks for sharing!

  7. patrish, no way! that so crazy. forewarning, Bonnarroo will be the best days of your LIFE! Ok maybe not life, but you will fall in love & not miss another festival. The hippies are so fun, I think it should be on everyones bucketlist to dance with one! :)

    Anyways, if you like Dave now, you will have a new found love with him live. Trust me. We are going in early June to the same venue as Jack Johnson!

    PS. forgot to mention that you look aboslutely stunning in your wedding pictures!!!

    You & me by dave matthews is my wedding song :)

  8. how lovely! i too am a huge JJ fan. he speaks to my soul as silly as that may sound. he is one of the major players in the soundtrack of falling in love with my husband :o)

    your wedding pics are gorgeous

  9. Great photos! You look so happy! What a great wedding day :)



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