Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Fiftieth Post to Me

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. Mine was rather uneventful but still relaxing nonetheless. We spent Saturday and Sunday running shopping errands mainly out of pleasure; just browsing through department stores and such. Then on Monday we drove over to a nearby lake and did some exploring. We drove completely around the lake and stopped off at all the little attractions; scenic viewpoints, wildlife viewing areas, the dam, public beaches, and we parked and did some exploring off the beaten path. All in all we were pleasantly surprised to see the lake had a lot to offer and will be a great swimming spot to bring our little dog Roxy. The water was a perfect temperature and actually had me wishing I was wearing my bathing suit at the time but my incisions are still healing and no need to try to get them infected.

On a completely other topic…….On Monday I think AF arrived. I say I “think” because I’m confused at how this could be possible. See Monday would only be 18 days post-surgery which would mean I would have ovulated basically just a few days after the surgery. Could this be? I have no clue but it appears that AF is ready to get the ball rolling. I just can’t believe it’s so quick! With my first miscarriage it took AF almost 2 months to return. I guess I can call myself lucky that it came back so quickly this time and not to mention she’s being rather kind. No bloating or cramps, but my boobs are super sore.  All in all, if this is how she returns I’m very thankful.

Oh another thing that’s going on in our lives is the purchase of our first home. As it stands it’s still up in the air. We feel totally annoyed and frustrated! Our closing date was supposed to be last Friday but the paperwork for the appraisal had not been filed yet. It is the only thing holding us up so we were able to get an extension. So now the closing date is supposed to be this Friday……..We thought for sure we would hear about the appraisal paperwork coming through today but NO! We haven’t heard shit! So now we have 2 days until we are supposed to be closing on this house and we have no idea what’s going on. There’s no fucking way we could ask for another extension so if the paperwork doesn’t show up soon I guess we won’t be getting the house. I said it before that if we didn’t get the house we may strongly consider moving back to the West to be closer to family but all this up and down rollercoaster of emotions is really starting to fuck with my head. I’m not sure to be thrilled that we are getting a home or what? I just wish we had some answers so I don’t have to feel like our lives are in limbo. Finding out whether or not we are getting this home will take us on completely different life paths and being the control freak that I am I can’t handle all this “not knowing”.


  1. We were 5 weeks overdue on our close date and it was the most stressful thing ever. I now consider myself an expert on all things "mortgage" so if you need some insight let me know.

    Also know that once you're in your new home its amazing. I am sitting in my new sunroom (but its dark) and am decidedly content.

  2. hi.

    i just read your entire blog, and i am overwhelmed with sadness and a anger for you.

    it is so fucking unfair that you and your husband have had to endure this struggle, and my heart aches for you. (i know that may seem a bit... weird... since we've never met, but really - i have tears in my eyes after reading your blog.)

    still, i believe - really and truly - that it is only a matter of time until you are holding your sweet baby (or, maybe even BABIES!) in your arms.

  3. The lake sounds wonderful and I hope it brings you lots of joy this summer. Sorry about the house, we had some problems with our close too it can be so stressful. Either way you will soon have a house, or will be on your way to a new state with a whole different journey ahead of you.

  4. That is so frustrating about the house, sorry hun. I'm a total planner too, so not knowing where I could be ending up would really mess with my head too!! Hope that you get some answers soon!

  5. Happy 50th! Thanks for reading my blog! Hope the house thing works out- you don't need any more stress!!!!!

  6. hoping the deal goes through easily. you deserve something to go easily this year!
    happy 50!

  7. Happy 50th!!

    We bought out house last year, one of the most stressful times ever (until now that is). It gets better...hopefully it all falls into place.

  8. It sounds like a lot of us have had stressful house situations. It was for me and my husband too when we bought our first house almost two years ago. We ended up closing but the bank didn't want us to actually move into the house (a foreclosure) for a week until some final paperwork was processed, but our realtor got the key and gave it to us anyway (saying the house was already technically ours) and we went in and started painting! It was crazy. But it was definitely worth it. We LOVE our home. Hoping it will be the same way for you - worth all the headaches. I'm hoping we hear good news from you on the house soon!

  9. Yea for the 50th post! Your trip to the lake sounds fantastic!! We do that sometimes and it's always such a great treat for us and especially for our dog Sam. He loves the water.

    I sure hope everything worked out with the house!



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